White Fence Palawan



Just a 3-minute tricycle ride away from Puerto Princesa International Airport, White Fence Country Cafe is indeed the city’s hottest secret.

whitefence (1)

The place was so cozy, our eat-and-run plan turned into an eat-and-lounge-and-lounge-some-more.

whitefence (2)

Mr. Choosy did not have a hard time to choose his meal.

whitefence (5)

whitefence (4)

Food was excellent, tasty and fulfilling.

whitefence (6)

We ate there twice – upon landing and before departure.


The playground and outdoor dining hut
whitefence (10)

The toilet

whitefence (8)

The front yard

whitefence (9)

I strongly recommend this place, especially if you have a husband obsessed with clean dining.

whitefence (7)


Good dinner with good cousins for a good farewell.

elnidoairport (1) DCIM100GOPRO elnidoairport (3) elnidoairport (4)Touchdown in Manila. See you again, Palawan!


2 thoughts on “White Fence Palawan

  1. By “clean dining” do you mean the premises/preparation or the “clean eating” = no processed food, unrefined over refined, etc?


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