My Sister, the Singer

Excuse the randomness of this post.

All of my travel posts are late uploads that a lot of my friends would be surprised to see me in Abu Dhabi, after reading my series on the beaches of Seychelles or seeing me jump beside ancient Roman ruins.

I miss writing about my everyday life as this blog was intended for. But it’s always a race against time at work and the only breaks I have from working my fingers to the bone are my travels. Yes, 90% of the time, I am still in Abu Dhabi, living the normal life of a hardworking employee.

Enough about me. Moving on to what I really wanted to share…

lucasi (2)

So my brother and sister are living with us for almost 6 months now. Both are musically inclined and passionate singers. My sister did not bring a luggage big enough to carry her clothes but she did carry along her guitar that was carefully wrapped and almost as tall as her.


Every time I ask her to help me clean the house, fix some files or go for a workout, she would say,
“Yes, but later. I have something important to do first.”

Guaranteed minutes later, I would hear her strumming her guitar and bursting into songs. That is her “important” task to finish. This happens all the time.

This week was no exception. I come home from work and there she is doing her “important” thing. We fight a little and she goes into her room and does her “important” thing. Thankfully, she has a very soothing voice, otherwise I would have her deported to another house.

Yesterday, I met her at church for the evening service, and as I was preparing my heart for praise and worship, I saw her stand right in the middle of the stage, in front of the church.

What was she doing?! She was a back-up singer, not the lead! I intently looked at her to make sure she wasn’t wobbly, dizzy and forgetting where she should really stand. Then I heard her familiar voice, ushering in the congregation for singing.

ccf-abu-dhabi-praise-team (1)

I know I am not supposed to take photos during this time, but this was a memory to behold – a testimony of how gracious God is to her and to us as a family. As I sent a photo to my mom, I remembered my dad and could hear him say,
“Ani eman ah cho-oy.”

I don’t know the English translation of that but you get what I mean. I am grateful to my parents for the legacy of faith and the gift of music they have passed on to us. Although during the transfer, I think there was a file error for my download of their gift of music. Please don’t make me sing.

Who could imagine that this little red ball would turn into a joyful singer one day. I think there is power in all the kisses I’ve been giving her all her life.

I am a proud sister and yet humbled by her passion and dedication in serving God. The only thing more important than singing is more singing for the Master.

Com’on, Baboo, lets go clean the house!

Meet the awesome CCF Abu Dhabi Praise & Worship Team. Click to enlarge.


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