Seychelles: A Relaxing day in Beau Vallon


Good morning, day 2!

I had my early morning quiet time on the porch before I woke up the sleeping giant for breakfast.

Seychelles-Mahé (1)

The dining area was a short walk away. We had the chance to see the hotel grounds’ beautiful blend of plants and pavements.


Seychelles-Mahé (6)

The breakfast buffet was good. We had more than enough servings to fill us up ’till late afternoon.DCIM100GOPRO

My husband’s friend checking out his food.
Seychelles-Mahé (4)

My plates and some work on the sideline.
Seychelles-Mahé (5) After breakfast, my husband went back to bed while I explored the beach.
Seychelles-Mahé (7)

The Bible and the beach 🙂DCIM100GOPRO

The sound of the sea was the closing chorus of my Old Testament journey. Yey!

Seychelles-Mahé (9)

Afternoon walk at the hotel…
Seychelles-Mahé (10)

Savoy’s lobby is so comfy.
Seychelles-Mahé (11)

I love these egg-shaped chairs!Seychelles-Mahé (12)

He woke up for snacks.
Seychelles-Mahé (13)

One plate of pasta = 240 SCR | 17.9 USD | 65.9 AED | 793 PHP

Seychelles-Mahé (14)

Walking back to our room.

Seychelles-Mahé (15)

To be continued…


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