Mama through 9 years

Dear Mama,

Today, 9 years ago, we said goodbye to papa.

doming-lucasi (3)Thank you for being our mom-dad for 9 years. I know how lonely it can be sometimes, especially that we’re far away from you. But you have fulfilled papa’s last wish before he passed away…

“Keep the children together.”

Thank you for being our super mom!

lucasi-family (2)

Prianas Resort, 2012

If there’s a cancer survivor, there’s also a widow survivor. You made it through 9 years!

We promise to take care of you because that’s what you’ve done for us all our lives. Don’t worry too much, God has brought us this far.

Now you’re starting to walk again. Keep smiling, God is slaying your giants, one step at a time.

Surprise! I’m flying home tomorrow to be with you as we celebrate 9 years of God’s faithfulness to our family. And to make sure you’re passing your therapy program and not hiding any ice-cream under your bed.

We love you. See you, tomorrow!


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