Reunited and it feels so good!

For the past days, I have been reunited with old friends and mentors. Each has left a significant imprint in my life and it meant so much to reconnect with them.

I am thankful that I have been surrounded by people of great character.

gdc-asia-2016 (42)

There are friends of your siblings who extend the same love and care to you because you are the little sister. My older brothers have awesome family-friends and I get to inherit that unconditional love as well.


There are friends who you don’t see for years but when you meet again, it feels like the connection has never been broken.


There are mothers who make a big impact in your childhood that when you grow up, your heart remains a little kid — attached, longing and grateful for them.


There are mentors and friends who defy distance and time. People who keep in touch no matter what.

gdc-asia-2016 (6)

There are people you spend a quick moment with and you get energized to the maximum level. People who are known by many yet knows you by name.

There are people who exude genuine care, who would take time to stop and ask about you, amidst a busy busy day.


There are people who would sacrifice so much just for you. They will love you at your best and challenge you at your worst.

There is always a friend who will stay by your side even when you push her away, disappear or leave her behind.

There are people you go through life with during some of your crucial development years. Treasure them for they will be your lifetime friends.


The best reunions are always with people who share your heart.


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