It’s ok to leave

“You’re allowed to leave any story you don’t find yourself in.
You’re allowed to leave any story you don’t love yourself in.

You’re allowed to leave a city that has dimmed your light
instead of making you shine brighter

You’re allowed to pack all your bags and start over somewhere else
and you’re allowed to redefine the meaning of your life.” – Rania Naim


God closes windows and He opens doors.
Sometimes He speaks clearly. At times He remains quiet.
There are times He won’t tell you,
Where to go and what to do.

He wants you to make that choice,
To go through the process,
To grow in your decision.

It’s not much about what you chose, but the person you have become.


There’s a spark inside me that was snuffed out,
When I got off that plane years ago.
I worked, I tried, I toiled, I stayed,
I fought, I hoped, I cried, I’m tired.

I do not like the person I am becoming.
Deep down, I know this is not who I want to be.
Yes, everything has a purpose but some things have to end.
I need to say ‘no’ to the good things, so that I can say ‘yes’ to the best.


Photos from 2010 – the first year I was in the UAE.

Naive and broken, I came into this land.
Today I leave, wiser and stronger.

I am taking a bold step of faith to find my spark again.
Excited to see where God leads me next.


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