Wellington: City to Sea Bridge

wellington city to sea bridge

My friends and I were people-watching by the Wellington Waterfront when it started to rain. Interesting enough, people in New Zealand stand, walk, run, and do everything in the rain. Sunshine or rainfall, life continues like normal.

As soon as I felt one water drop on my head, the Asian in me ran for cover! Haha. Thankfully, within minutes, the rain slowed down to a drizzle.

We left the harbour and climbed some stairs to cross over to the city square. Lo and behold, we found these artworks at the top of the bridge!

wellington city to sea bridge

The City to Sea Bridge is a fascinating pedestrian crossing over a street named Jervois Quay.wellington city to sea bridge

It is dotted with pieces of woodwork where people can sit, eat and enjoy the views of the harbour on one side, and the city on the other side.wellington city to sea bridge

wellington city to sea bridge

The creativity of this city continues to impress me…wellington city to sea bridge

As if the beauty wasn’t enough, a rainbow decided to show up and mesmerize us.

wellington city to sea bridge

wellington city to sea bridge

From the outside, it looks like a wooden ship.wellington city to sea bridge

We then headed to the next beautiful scene – the supermarket! wellington supermarket

Food is the prettiest sight at the end of a long day.wellington dixon hostel

See you tomorrow!


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