Rotorua Lakefront

Rotorua Lakefront

Not even a day after our whirlwind trip to Wellington, and I was kidnapped again for another adventure!

The next series of blog posts will feature my travel to the land of volcanic steams, water bubbles and geysers that erupt high into the sky. Welcome to Rotorua, New Zealand!Rotorua Lakefront

The drive from Auckland to Rotorua is as relaxing as cows grazing under the clear skies.Rotorua Lakefront


Rotorua Lakefront

Rotorua Lakefront

Lake Rotorua is the second largest lake in the North Island of New Zealand by surface area. The lake was formed from the crater of a large volcano. Its last major eruption was about 240,000 years ago.

Rotorua Lakefront

In New Zealand I discovered how beautiful volcanoes and craters are. See how enchanting it can be…

Rotorua LakefrontRotorua Lakefront

Rotorua Lakefront Rotorua Lakefront

Rotorua LakefrontWho can imagine that a huge crater like this can exude so much peace.Rotorua Lakefront

This world is full of conflicts and circumstances that cannot be reconciled. But after every chaotic eruption, there will be a stillness of time, where in some emotions will subside, some questions will be answered and some things will fall into place.Rotorua Lakefront

While you wait for this stillness to come, hold on to dear friends and appreciate the people who walk with you through the edge of your volcanoes.

Lake RotoruaPhotos of me by Shellah Photography


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