Goodbye High Heels!

It’s been over a week since I started my new job and I can’t stop smiling.

Some people may find this silly, but for me, this is one for the books – definitely a Divine Providence.

violetology work uae

For the past years, I have whined about how hard it was to dress up for work every morning. The most challenging part of my previous job (please don’t laugh at me) is wearing high heels or any kind of girly shoes at the office or during meetings or at workshops, ALL DAY LONG.

In the UAE, power dressing is a culture. Some love it, but I don’t.

work shoes

You see,Β I have fat legs. And my wide-fit-fat-flat-ginger-feet died painful deaths everyday, for the past 7 years. Behind that smile is a work-drawer full of girly shoes that I wanted to burn.

A workmate once asked me,”What is your ideal job?”

I answered, “A job that doesn’t require me to wear high heels.”

After I resigned from this job, I put all my shoes together and jokingly said, “I wish one day, all my sneakers and football shoes would gobble up my high heels.”

I took a photo of that in 2016.

work shoes

Fast forward to 2017.

Imagine my surprise when I read my new job contract…

no high heels

“Definitely no mini shirts, HIGH HEELS….” Ahhh, I jumped up and down like a little kid! So what did I do first before moving to New Zealand? I gave all my girly shoes away!

work shoes

This is a photo diary of my first week at work – sneakers, Chucks and running shoes!

work shoes

For the coming months, I can see myself going to work in my hiking sandals, my fluffy boots, perhaps my football cleats and maybe even with my bare feet! Here, Kiwi bare-footedness is a culture.

weymouth road

Oh wait, there’s more! Goodbye make-up and ironed clothes. Adios corporate life! Hello track pants and welcome to my old self.

new work in new zealand

Now you know why I can’t wipe that smile off my face. Divine Providence.


13 thoughts on “Goodbye High Heels!

    1. Ate Jooooooyyyyy!!! haha. I will PM you. Now na. hehe. I miss the OMF days, when I was still learning how to dress up but you guys were so forgiving of my floral dresses. Looking back, I found how funny I would have looked like. Nag-fefeeling office girl kasi.


  1. Congrats on a job that allows you to wear the shoes you want! I think that’s awesome, having short, wide feet myself and having to walk on a lot of paved but still rough roads.

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