New Year, New Me!

happy new year 2017 2018

Last year I was going through one of the toughest crossroads in my life. God was strongly leading me to do something that I didn’t want to do. When I finally chose to obey, I bleached my hair.violetology hair bleach

I needed a strong visual reminder of this shaky decision – something I can see everyday so I don’t turn back or walk away. I wanted to shave my head but settled for bleaching instead.

The salon messed up and overdid it. I lost half of my hair in the process and they were too scared to continue. I paid for an ash-white finish but ended up an unwilling blondie. Haha.

violetology hair bleach

I endured 1 year of my anemic malnutrition-ed hair as I obeyed and accomplished what God wanted me to do.

This year, I decided to chop it off completely. Goodbye heavy past!

hair cut in new zealand

The last time I had my hair cut this short was 21 years ago!


Part of making healthy choices and growing better things in life, is to let go of what you’re so used to or what you’re holding on to for so long.

violetology hairvioletology hair

Slowly I’ll get used to waking up lighter, combing quicker, having a colder neck and using lesser shampoo.

I willingly embrace changes this 2018!

happy new year 2017 2018


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