Rolling with Ogo Rotorua

ogo rotorua new zealand

“Dive into a giant inflatable ball and roll down Mt. Ngongotaha… where the fun will have you laughing uncontrollably…”

ogo rotorua new zealand

“To this day, Rotorua remains the only location in New Zealand where you can experience this amazingly fun and bizarre activity.”

ogo rotorua new zealand

I woke up early today excited to roll down a hill inside a ginormous bubble. No one was around when I arrived, so I enjoyed a short quiet time that gloomy morning.

ogo rotorua new zealandAfter reading some reviews on which track to choose, I opted to do the Sidewinder Track. It’s advertised as the world’s longest zig-zag course at 350m. 

The other options were the Straight Track (a smooth and fast course at 250m) and the new MEGA Track (the longest, fastest and steepest track in all the land).ogo rotorua new zealand

After a short ride up the hill, a hot tub awaited me. I enjoyed the view while waiting for my ball to be filled with water.

ogo rotorua new zealand

When it was my turn, my heart started to race. Unlike what I watched in some of their promotional videos, I didn’t easily slip into the ball. I had to wiggle a lot for my fat legs to get in. Haha.

The staff assisted me with my GoPro and made sure the water temperature was ok for me. I love the extra little kind things strangers do for others.

ogo rotorua new zealand

Once I started rolling, it wasn’t scary at all. The speed of the ball was fast enough for me to feel exhilarated but slow enough for me to breath and stay alive.

ogo rotorua new zealand

The Sidewinder Track was a good choice because I had more rolling time and the zigzags made the experience more thrilling.ogo rotorua new zealand

When I reached the end of the track, I instantly felt sad. I wanted it to go on forever!

If no one was looking, I would have tried to superman my way, and pushed the ball back up so I can roll down again. But the staff were there waiting to pull me out and to make sure no one committed such crime.

ogo rotorua new zealand

At the bottom of the hill, another set of hot tubs were ready for those who finished their rides. I had fun watching the other riders roll down like I did.

ogo rotorua new zealand

Do I recommend this? Definitely! It’s a must-do, for the youngsters and the oldies. It’s an adventure that’s more funny than scary!

ogo rotorua new zealand

Watch me roll!

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