Ranau: My Paragliding Flights

ranau paragliding

It’s our last day in Ranau and it’s my time to fly.


First things first – a tandem flight with Pyro to check out the flight route and landing zone.

ranau paragliding ranau paragliding


For the 3 days that we were in Ranau, I was only “functional” for 1 day and 1 afternoon. I spent more time para-waiting than actually flying. #BeautifullyBipolar

ranau paraglidingranau paragliding

But it was ok, because the more you wait, the more you value each moment you get, when the right time comes.ranau paragliding

ranau paraglidingranau paragliding

I had 5 flights in total. I landed well on my first flight then the rest were a disaster (in my standards). But I learned a lot in those mistakes, something that I wouldn’t know if all my flights were perfect.
ranau paragliding


Without Nafi, I would have had a hard time navigating through the Ranau drop-off pick-up system. He made my life way easier. Also, he may not know it but his words encouraged me a lot.

ranau paragliding

Rener was one of the many drivers in the Ranau site. He was one step ahead of me, knowing when I was about to land and showing up to help me fold my wings. He gave me water and told me funny stories along the way. Little acts of kindness go a long way. ❤

ranau paragliding

I have a love-hate relationship with my instructor. It may look like we agree with each other all the time, but in reality, this is what happens most of the time…

ranau paragliding

Scenario: after a failed launch

Pyro: (In Korean English) Why running very fast?! Only slowly, slowly! (he shouts on and on).
Me: Why are you shouting?! I can hear you!
Pyro: Why very fast?! (he continues to scold)
Me: Shhhh! Shut mouth! Stop talking!
(Bows head internally to say sorry for the disrespect. Mianheyo)

ranau paragliding

Pyro stops talking. Violet puts her hands down. Pyro fixes the glider. Violet takes off again. Violet lands successfully. Pyro is happy. Violet is happy. They are friends again.

End of story.

ranau paraglidingAnd that’s how fun my Ranau experience was.


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