Be a pioneer paragliding passenger in Nueva Vizcaya!

Paragliding is coming to town!

tambunan paragliding sabah malaysia

What if I told you that the possibility of flying above the Valley where there’s peace and happiness is just around the corner?

This holiday season, we are testing the skies of Bayombong and IF the weather and winds are kind to us, we’d like to launch paragliding in Nueva Vizcaya’s rolling plains and hills so blest.

We are looking for 10 brave and adventurous tandem passengers who’d like to be part of the first ever NUVIZ PARAGLIDING FLY-OFF.

paragliding philippines

It’s the simplest and the closest way for humans to fly like a bird. It’s foot-launched and requires good wind and the pilot’s muscle power.

One who flies under the care of an experienced pilot. All you have to do is run to bring your wings up, then sit back and relax while your pilot takes care of everything. No flying experience is required. All you need is a hunger for adventure.

tambunan paragliding sabah malaysia


  1. An experienced pilot and equipments (wings, harness, helmet, knee pads, and other safety gears)
  2. An awesome flight above the green valleys of Nueva Vizcaya
  3. The bragging rights to be the first fliers of Nueva Vizcaya


  1. The price is AMAZING! The cost of paragliding in other countries is twice or thrice the price.
  2. It’s in town! There’s no need to travel far away.
  3. It’s something huge to include and check off in your bucket list

You will be flying with a pilot who has over 30 years of experience. I’ve been flying alone since April 2018, and I’m still alive. 😛

danyang paragliding south korea


  • Dates are not fixed yet but the event will happen most probably on January 3-4, 2019.
  • Signing up does not guarantee your slot. First come, first serve.
  • After signing up, just wait for our email and feedback.

Experience Nueva Vizcaya in your own personal seat above the clouds and behold the fields with all the golden grains, the teeming trees crowning the Sierra Madre range, winding Magat River and Salinas Spring, that is our Vizcaya Home. (You just sang that with me, right?)

paragliding in nueva vizcaya

This event is finished.

For prices and to book a regular flight:
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16 thoughts on “Be a pioneer paragliding passenger in Nueva Vizcaya!

  1. I have a property in Naduntod which is the saddle part of the mountain you jumped off from. You can muster more altitude and wind there, let me know if you want to assess. Midpoint, i own the funfarm too. My guess is you just started a lil above the farm. It’s great if you can pull off the paragliding in vizcaya.

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    1. Hi there! We have been looking for you 🙂 Thank you so much for reaching out. Our pilot has been studying the area for quite some time and has seen that area as the best place to take off. Yes, please, if it’s ok with you, we would like to see your property and assess it. Please send me an email at or PM me in facebook VIOLET LUCASI ELRAYS or send me your facebook profile and I will send you a message. Whatever is most convenient for you 🙂


  2. Hi Violet,
    yes, this will be perfect for Tablas Island.
    Please share a Tablas Fly-Off Lit.
    If you can create a flyer too, then I can have some printed and distributed as well.


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