Now is Just Say No

A conversation with our Korean paragliding instructor, Master Pyro.

Me: Do u have a stomachache?
Pyro: Now is nothing.
Me: Why is your answer so long? JUST SAY, “NO”.

I tried to ask again.
Me: Do u have a stomachache?
Pyro: Now is JUST SAY NO.

He laughed and walked away, leaving me to think about what he just said.


He’s a funny guy this one. With or without a stomachache, his flights are consistently fun and safe, not a hit and miss.  The best part of working with him is that our team feels so relaxed once we release passengers for take-off, because we know that our pilot has decades of experience and still makes every effort to improve.

We are closing February with 100% of our passengers flying happy and landing safe.

Thank you, Lord for the gift of life and flight.

Fly tandem with a legal and licensed pilot in our regulated flysite (Ambaguio-Bayombong). Book online: or call and text: 09474906006| 09474906030

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