My Emergency Appendectomy: the pee that won’t come out (Part 2)



I welcomed September 2020 in tears!

open appendectomy philippines

My second night in the hospital was spent squirming in pain until I was given my next dose of pain killers. The pain wasn’t from my surgery cut but from my bladder.

Apart from that, I dreaded each time I had to be injected by my Intravenous (IV) antibiotics. The torment of the medicine flowing inside my veins was like tiny liquid bombs exploding inside my hands.

Meanwhile in the outside world, the Covid-19 cases in our towns have multiplied in only a week…

covid update nueva vizcaya-1

My happy thought for the day was graduating from these liquids to solid food.


New Covid-19 patients and deaths were registered that day.

covid update nueva vizcaya-1

That whole night I didn’t sleep. I kept asking for pain killers from the nurses but wasn’t given any. I was drunk with antibiotics and was pee-ing in droplets. The burning urge to urinate was uncontrollable but there was no real flow coming out.

My hospital is located in another town, the hotspot of the growing Covid cases. No visitors were allowed because of the lockdown. Thank God for the slow internet, somehow I had virtual company… lucasi family chat

My brother delivered us some food and supplies that day. I found this letter mixed with the stuff he brought. It was so sweet to know he printed this out just incase he gets stopped at any checkpoint.

That afternoon, they had to move my IV needle because my left hand was swollen. Apparently I have tiny veins and that explains why getting blood from me or inserting needles in me can be agonizing. By night time my right hand started to have blisters.

That night, I still couldn’t sleep because I felt the need to pee every 30 minutes. But every time I tried, only a spoonful came out. Thankfully, the nurses were advised to give me painkillers should I ask.

I tried to be productive and work instead, but this gave me more body aches. I had no choice but to stare into space, pray and embrace my pain each time I stood up to pee. It was a long night.


30 new Covid-19 cases were added to our list that day…covid update nueva vizcaya-1After taking some pain killers, I would feel a little bit better for a few hours. My doctors said I could go home the next day if my urination gets better. My cousin, who was stuck with me in the hospital, became excited. Sadly, it was a premature celebration.

My right hand became more swollen and they had to move my IV needle again. After several failed attempts on my left hand, and me howling in pain, they had it on my forearm instead. Until this day, both my hands are still bruised and sore.

That night, my bladder trouble came with a vengeance! Now I felt pain all over my body and I was burning hot from a fever.

My personal “nurse” was exhausted from lifting me up each time I needed to pee, so I let him rest while I sobbed all night. I had to remain standing up until morning because I was pee-ing 5% urine and 95% air every 15 minutes. Both my knees, one still recovering from a torn ACL, were screaming in agony, “You’re too heavy! Stop bending us!”

That night, I thought I was going to die. I said goodbye to my family.


New people where infected by the virus that day.

covid update nueva vizcaya-1The nurses found me drenched in sweat that morning. I was delirious but tried so hard to remain calm and friendly. Inside, I was faint and furious, “Somebody, please make this pain stop!”

I felt my mood slowly go to the extreme. I silently prayed and asked God to deliver me from any explosion or anguish from my Bipolar Disorder.

That morning, the nurses inserted a catheter inside me, TWO TIMES. The first time was a straight catheter to drain my pee once, directly into a container. I had buckets full of urine coming out of me. Everybody was surprised at how much water I had inside! For the first time since my operation, I felt relief!

2 hours later, I felt the same burning pain and this time, no matter how much urge I had to pee, nothing was coming out. It was unbearable! They had to insert another catheter, now with a bag.

The second time around, I was poked many times before that stubborn tube finally went inside me. When the nurses left, I bawled and cried a river! Traumatic experiences from my past came in rapid flashbacks. My whole body was shaking in pain and my brain went on full gear. I remembered my father in the hospital. I remembered abuses. I remembered deaths. I remembered so many things I did not want to remember.

I was being pulled into the dark tunnel. With the last ounce of strength in me, I closed my eyes and prayed that God would deliver me from another depressive episode.

The afternoon was a blur of more tests to find out what was wrong with me.

At night fall, I finally slept. After days of going back and forth the toilet, I finally laid down in my bed. I heard both my knees say, “thank you, thank you!”

Even if the tube inside me vibrated each time I moved, I dozed off until the morning.

You never really get to appreciate the ability to pee until you lose it. Just when I thought I was going to be ok, I didn’t know the worst was yet to come.


4 thoughts on “My Emergency Appendectomy: the pee that won’t come out (Part 2)

  1. God bless ypu dear violet.. my fav color for the moment 🙂 reading your words, i feel your frustration. My discomfort is small compared to what you went through. I accidently poured hot tea into my person and so i got burned. I got treated stat and i was okey. Then i got an allergic reaction or something and my wounds became beefy and super itchy with blisters. They had to scrape it. Then i got allergic also with the plaster and it formed blisters that were too itchy for comfort.
    So frustrating, when things were out of my hands and all i wanted was to throw a tantrum (as if it would do any good). While i was at a dismal state of body, mind and spirit (an OFW has no family to lean on physically at ur beck and call nor cook meals for u, or bring u to hospital), my mood, deppressed, God opened up my eyes to see that He still cares for me. The profuse concern and thoughtfulness from people who i least expect it from were an eye opener for me.. somehow i touched their hearts and now they came full-circle touching my life with their kindness, efforts, presence and care. Enough for me to be grateful and feel cared, not scared anymore.
    God works in mysterious ways to show how much He loves us.
    You are loved, too.

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    1. Awwww.. thanks for sharing your story.. what a frustrating series of events, considering you’re away from home pa. I feel you. If that was me, I would have thrown a tantrum. Sigh. And yes, sometimes in the most tragic times, God embraces you in unexpected ways. I hope ou are better now! ❤


  2. Waaah, another cliffhanger! After reading this, I shall enjoy my pee time. Haaay. Praying that Part 3 would be a good ending(?). Can’t wait to see and hear you tell your survival story sa Zoom natin next week hahaha! Advance happy bday! Get well sooooon! Mwah! (P.S. Gusto ko yung paupdate mo ng COVID-19 cases. Pampadagdag ng suspense hahaha!)


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