My Bestfriend the Bride

When we were kids we made a pact to be at each others’ side on our wedding days. We used to bet who’d get married first. Like every little girl, we dreamed, we planned, we giggled.

Remember how we always said we won’t marry a Filipino guy? 25 years later, you went ahead and made our dreams come true.

I couldn’t focus at work today. I was clutching my phone the entire time, savouring every update coming from there. They said you cried at “honoring your parents”. I knew I would have too. Ate said you looked like Disney’s princess Ariel. Mom said it was a beautiful celebration. I was crying all the way.

So this is how it feels to miss out on this. My heart had just been pulled out. I feel that sorry ain’t enough, but sorry I really am. I hope one day you can forgive me for not sticking to the plan. But know that this extremely miserable feeling inside is more than punishment for me.

Nevertheless, I rejoice with Kukhee and you. I know how hard the journey has been. Congratulations, best friend! Now, I wouldn’t have a hard time spelling your last name.

I love you with all of my esophagus, Brend Faith Acosta Guerrero-Bae.

Toast to the newest bride!


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