The Showroom


This is where I work. We are a hospitality supply company that claims to be the largest stockist in this region. At first I thought it was just a marketing strategy but after working on our database I discovered that all the first-class hotels in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are indeed our clients. We also supply to the presidential office, the palaces, the sheikhs and almost all the restos and cafes scattered here.

That is my tiny table. When you visit our showroom, I am the first person you’ll see. That is if I don’t pretend to be a mannequin.

This is what the inside looked like (Before). All our products are imported stuffs from France, Italy, UK, US, Turkey and Philippines (For the staff)!.

I am the king of these plates.

We are every chef’s best friend!



This is Ace when he became my slave for one day. That’s him arranging our ceramic plates.

Our Peugeot salt and pepper mills are best-loved.

Right side is Ace’s 7-tier wedding stand.

This is Ace’s touch of girliness. Creating this spot made us remember our freshman High School Christmas party decoration. We transformed our classroom into outer space and created a huge planet crawling with aliens. Since then, we acquired this bewildering ability to create almost anything.

So, high-schoolers, take your room decorations seriously. The skill will help you keep your job someday.

These are the excessively heavy juicers and shakers which we had to unpack and display. I wasn’t able to get photos of the mess and the big pile of boxes before this.



Since I became “friends” with my boss, he now takes me to field-trips with him. My first outside of the office trip was a presentation at Beach Rotana. That’s me after setting-up.

Here’s the dog who drinks coffee.

Meet ate Emily from “Koby”. We were both treated out for lunch by one of our sales executive, Siddiq (who doesn’t want to have photos taken of him). We ate at Shanghai Surprise, one of our clients.

3 months in the company and I already have work-related habits. Whenever I eat at restaurants, I unconsciously flip over my plate to check its brand. Or I look ate the cutlery to see if it’s from us or not.

What joy it is to meet my showroom plates in restaurant tables. Sometimes I hear them talking,

“Hi momma!”

Crazy plates.

9 thoughts on “The Showroom

  1. I thought Kyocera was the best thing in ceramic knives? Ming Tsai endorses it, hehe.

    I love knives more than any other kind of kitchenware.


  2. ahem…. hanggang sa blogsite mo pa naman ba you’re advertising your kitchen stuff?? hmm…nagpapa pogi points ka ba to your boss? still not friends huh? oh well..

    but in fairness vi, i think you may have lost some weight looking at your latest photo. ^_~

    mwah! miss u vi!


    1. we’re friends now, ate Joy 🙂 or still getting there. Maybe because he sees that I do my work seriously and not just to get paid. I know you know how I work. I got my work habits from you guys 🙂


  3. Excuse me ma’am manager, do you have a ceramic knife? hehehe… Ate Mate has a love affair with knives! 🙂


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