Ace at Work

Do not think of the few things you did not get after praying. Think of the countless things God gave you without asking.

Today made me appreciate the friendship Ace and I share.

At lunch time, he called me saying he was bored at work and started lamenting about a trip he wanted to take. As he talked, I looked at all the boxes I still needed to display in the showroom and thought about the big delivery that afternoon. As I listened half-heartedly to him, his voice faded away and a picture of his muscled arms came into the picture. Eureka!

Me: Gob, would you like to help me with some stuffs?

Next came 20 minutes of pleading, begging, and bribing. 

Ace: Ok, just make sure to feed me.

Minutes later he showed up in the showroom with his usual big smile, which he didn’t know will be wiped out in a few hours.

These are the things he did with me today:

  1. Folded bubble wraps and paper bags
  2. Wiped shelves and dusty items
  3. Assembled a 7-tier wedding cake stand
  4. Opened a dozen of heavy-duty shakers and juicers
  5. Assembled parts and designed new display stands
  6. Joyfully annoyed Violet with his never-ending jokes

We were finally done at around 10:00 pm (way beyond closing time) – he with his sore muscles and me with my aching heels. We were both exhausted to the bones.

For many days, I had to do these things alone. But today, It felt really nice to have someone doing the man-stuff for me.

To Gob, thank you for not leaving ’till everything was done. Thank you also for giving me half a liver and half a chicken for dinner. Because of that, I will give you whole credit for this post.

May our muscles increase, good ol’ friend.


13 thoughts on “Ace at Work

  1. Ms. Purple Pink, talagang pinangatawanan mo pagpapahirap ke ACE hehehe… He is such a great best friend of yours hehehehe and sana yung sinasabi ko sa iyo lagi magkatotoo hahahahha… (PEACE)…


    1. Ray – I love the photo’s taken by O-peekaboo, my baby like to be photographed same like daddy and his surepb expression will make us feel so sweet and lovely. My baby enjoy the photos session on that day. Thank you so much to O-peekaboo capture down the memorable moment of Baby MH.


    1. Shox! ang saya siguro pag tayong dalawa no. lalo na pag dimo maabot ung mga items sa highest racki, tpos bubuhatin kita 🙂 hehe. joke. matutuwa ka sa mga items namin lalo na ur a good cook 🙂 hay, i miss you to vanvan 🙂


  2. how very Ace! The Ace I knew in high school na always stand by his friends side na walang imik. You just need to bribe him sometimes for him to lift a finger or lend a hand (hehe)… With him around as your photographer cum laborer, life’s easy and bearable. How could you have survived without Gob? No pictures! No laborer (hahaha)!


    1. Hahaha! sir, you made ma laugh. Our relationship really is more of parasitism. When he’s in photographer mode he’ parasites me into becoming a quasi model. When I am in labor mode, I parasite him to become my slave. (evil laughter here). FYI he actually printed a photo of me for you. How obedient! SIR!!! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY INTERNAL ORGANS!!!


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