Home to Balangao

Far far beyond the
Philippine roads
Past streets, past cars, concrete abodes
In terraces carved
Onto mountain sides
Paradise becomes a tribe

Today is one of those days when I long to smell home.

11 thoughts on “Home to Balangao

  1. bayu! isama mo ako sa blogroll mo! hehehe. ikaw din. ililist na kita sa blogroll ko. i miss you bayu. my prayers are always with you and God’s hand is with you always. love you! ๐Ÿ˜€


    1. it’s a petay.. remember my play? You’ll get one if you go there… let’s ask my lola to make one for you. taray. that would take months. matanda na si lola. let/s just buy one for you. haha.


    2. As vain as this sounds, I’m still gonna say it: may perfect ako na top for the petay. Haha. Complete with accessories na binili sa akin ni Mama nung Araw ng Lahi nung highschool ako. Tara na! ready na outfit ko!


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