Why I Love Ramadan

I have never appreciated Ramadan as much as now.

While the Muslim world fast, pray, and refrain from doing ”evil” stuffs from the first sign of dawn until sunset, we, the working force of the Arabs, enjoy the little leniency given us.

In Al Diyafa that means brief freedom:

1. Less working hours

2. A closed showroom for lunch breaks

3. A supposedly kinder boss (For moral and spiritual reasons)

4. Free meals from clients during Iftar (The evening meal when Muslims break their fast)

For me it means nocturnal-living:

1. Shift from 8:00 pm to 1:00 am

2. Awake at night

3. Sleep all day

This suits me perfect!

The fasting doesn’t even bother me. It just proves that overworked people welcome a cut in working hours as a gift from heaven. This overrides hunger.

Sana Ramadan nalang araw-araw.

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