Birthday Replica

A year ago I was hired for my first (full time) job at OMF Literature as part of the Publications Team. The job was love at first sight.

I took this photo during my first day at work, after I was given the tour and the introduction to everybody. That semi-smile is just a fraction of the real joy I was feeling inside. The first time I met my Publications family, I felt I found home.

15 months later and hundreds of miles away, I suddenly found myself back home again.

These clever people never fail to make me feel remembered. See how far they would go to prove their crazy love.

This is the pseudo-me, celebrating my birthday with them.

Left side is ate Marianne, my fellow birthday wacko. Right side is a boob-less me.

Me with my big hands.

See how hilarious they can be. Thanks, kuya Ian, for being my right hand for the day.

What can separate them from the love of food and entertainment? Neither height nor age, nor anything else in their busy schedules. This is the family I would love to go back to, someday.

Both the cardboard me and the real me would like to thank you, publicators.

I feel loved.

10 thoughts on “Birthday Replica

  1. Didn’t know it was your birthday recently. When? Belated Happy Birthday, Vi. Praying this year will be a big improvement over the past one.


    1. Kuya Pat? Kuya!!!!! (Hugs) I miss you 😦 and your cute little boy. Musta na si Picoy? Oonga, kamusta na Nuviz? Sobrang miss ko kayong lahat. to the max.

      Ei, thanks for reading my blog 🙂 and for the comment. Basa ka lagi ha, kuya. *hugs ulit*


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