Brothers and Sisters

Sarah’s take on her sister Kitty’s difficulties in having a baby:

”You’re gonna get past this. I know that whatever pain all this is causing is worth it. The moment you’ll have your child, you’d be so grateful for every screw up, every disappointment, all the uncertainties because in the end it all led you to your daughter, your son.”

I could use this advice.


Kitty Walker McCallister, I want to be you. I want your brain and your Senator.


Watch Brothers & Sisters. It’s my new favorite series.

I’m sure you’d love it too.


3 thoughts on “Brothers and Sisters

  1. Churchy 🙂 I remember wanting to write down that line too 🙂 Ang galing ng writers no. Na-aamaze ako sa developments ng characters nila. I wana be a scriptwriter someday 🙂

    Super crush ko si Robert. tska si Justin. haha.


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