Birthday Gifts and Lasagna

Photos by Luke Decena

Birthday Eve

”Microwave my removable lavander-scented tummy, pop it back inside and let me give you a lovely warm cuddle.”

Thoughtful Ivory gave me something that would help me sleep. And it’s been working so far!

These are my roomies attacking 4 big servings of lasagna.

Ivory, Ate Zeny, Aika and me.

Courtesy of the Chef 🙂

This year’s birthday eve and birthday night has been a revolutionary change to the gloomy birthdays I have yearly.

The only sad part is, I missed my brother Leo who, I realized, was ALWAYS present on my birthdays – EVERY SINGLE YEAR. More importantly, I miss his gifts. He is the greatest gift-giver of all times, mainly because he knows what I secretly don’t know I want like cellphones and external hard drives.

So dear bro, where’s my gift for this year?

6 thoughts on “Birthday Gifts and Lasagna

  1. Hey, I wish I had a brother like that, LOL! (waves hi to Leo! Kasta gayam itsuram uncle)

    I’m glad you found an antidote to the gloom. 🙂


  2. wweeeelll, it seems like i already gave you a gift without you knowing it. gloomy birthdays yearly, me being always present every single year. ako yata yung balat sa mga birthday mo e! harharhar..


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