UAE National Day 2010

Most of the fun things in life are the unplanned.

I am a very impulsive person. Last Thursday, I stayed in bed the whole day, sluggishly watching videos online.

Midnight came and I suddenly found myself here…

I always wondered how it felt like to be up there.

In celebration of UAE’s National Day, there’s this craze were people get into their cars, drive along a certain part of the city and spray at each other just for the fun of it. It may look wild and free but it’s actually hard work. You need to strategize and employ really quick reflexes.

These are my newfound friends, Samir and Hashim. I just met them for 5 minutes and they were all warm and indulgent. I was sipping avocado shake after 15 minutes (Secret Spill: I am an avocado shake addict).

From the inside, this was how it looked liked but the outside was all white and fuzzy from all the ribbon and snow sprays.

We were actually conquering the war, thanks to Samir’s superb steering and commandeering skills, when suddenly, out of nowhere, an ”enemy” invaded us with a clever move.

Watch it happen here!

I lost my voice that night, garnered a few bruises here and there and had a paralyzed finger from controlling the window ”button”. But I would do it again, anytime.

Thanks Aya for tagging me along AGAIN and thanks Samir for being so kind.

If I had a bucket list, this would definitely be in it.

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