Sentimentality, Abstinence and Bladeless Fans

My questions are stacking up! I am so sorry for being a lousy answerer.


Yes I am! I keep everything like my churchmate’s hair which I cut off one Sunday morning while listening to the sermon. This was 7 years ago.


Let’s meet right on that spot. 12 midnight, sharp.


Who? Haha.


Wikipedia has it all!


My love story started here.

I’m still working on my wedding videos, which has the complete story. For now, you could back read from there since I posted almost everything online. Enjoy!


I am pro abstinence 🙂


I saw this a few weeks ago in the supermarket and I said if my dad was still alive, I’d definitely buy him one. It’s a BLADELESS fan!


There you go. I want to answer more but my husband just came home from his alone time, a.k.a car wash.

See yah all later. Thanks for asking!


4 thoughts on “Sentimentality, Abstinence and Bladeless Fans

  1. I’ve wondered about those bladeless fans. Can you adjust the “wind speed”? Can it generate fast moving air? Looks like you own one so pls let me know.


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