Blogging in Year 2010

I started blogging through WordPress on May 9, 2010. So far, it has been a great journey. For a newbie blogger, they gave me a WOW! So kind.

Contrary to what people think, blogging is not easy. It takes a lot of discipline and passion to write about stuffs day after day. It also takes a lot of time to choose, edit, crop, resize and enhance images and videos. Moreover, it takes much pain to keep your readers interested in things both mundane and important to you. It’s equally crazy and brave to try to document rare events like crush-stalking or hair-waxing – all for the love of blogging.

I know there’s still a long way to go but messages like these keep me going:

”You’re a very good writer.”

”Your blog is so entertaining. Keep on writing.”

”You put into words the things I cannot.”

”Such a great point of view… Got to say, I’ve become a big fan of your writing.”

”Hi Violet. I really enjoy reading your blog. Enjoy life while you are young and I trust you that with your good upbringing and your love of the Lord, you will be guided in every step and decisions you make each day. Your uncle greets you happy new year. He too enjoys reading your blog.  We check your blog everyday.”

It humbles me to receive messages like these. It makes everything worth it.

Thank you to everyone who followed me last 2010. On to more hits for the year 2011!

See you all!

7 thoughts on “Blogging in Year 2010

  1. everythings is possible… u of all pipz shud by now realize that… heh heh. You make me… and us so proud by holding on still with Christian CONVICTION in the face of great and overwhelming odds… kitamz…


  2. if a tree falls in the forest… does it make a blog? hahaha! go little big sister! continue to make us all proud! be a proud cedar… in a forest of pine trees.


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