2011 New Year in Dubai

Countdown was in a parking space with a view of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

He took a video of the fireworks display and I sat on top of his car taking a video of him. Haha. 

2010 has been a very difficult year for me –  a hasty departure, tough decisions, painful consequences, dreadful experiences and a grievous heartbreak. I felt like an Israelite wandering the desert, pondering when will it ever end and longing for just a glimpse of the Promise Land.

Today I look back and I realize that indeed, God allows every hurt and pain for a reason. There is always a bigger picture in seemingly unbearable circumstances. He cries when you cry, he holds the tears in his hands but he looks forward to the day too that he’d make you smile again.

2011 ushers me into a more hopeful beginning, to forget what is behind and strain to what is ahead.

This year I thank God for giving me an awesome gift, the start of a special friendship with a very admirable person.

It’s been a month and the red flags are down. No one has ever been this consistent to me.

More than all the surprises, more than all the stuffs you give, more than all the grand things you share, I am most grateful for the little things you do every single day…

For not letting a single night go without picking me up from work,

For setting the car air-conditioner so I won’t get cold,

For making sure no smoke can choke my asthmatic lungs,

For opening the car door, cans, bottles and boxes for me,

For checking up on my bruises,

For knowing when I’m hungry and depriving me of food

For  talking to my stalkers and scaring them away,

For wanting to meet my family and friends,

And for all the little things that go unnoticed but makes my heart smile.

But most of all, I thank you for the way you take care of me like no one would and for making me feel safe and protected ALWAYS. (Translation: Sa wakas may taong mas malaki na ang braso kesa sa akin.)

Year 2011, bring me in… I’m ready for you!


13 thoughts on “2011 New Year in Dubai

  1. “It’s been a month and the red flags are down. No one has ever been this consistent to me.” —- Very striking. Awwww… My lips are smiling and my heart is pumping. Oh my dear, isa ka ng DONYA! Hahhaha! Wow naman, di ko mapigilang kiligin. I’m so happy that you’re okay na and you are happy with someone so yummy. Ahahahhahah! Pero… sana… mag-smile naman siya sa pictures noh. He’s too serious naman. Hihihi! ^_^

    To Mr. Samir (Please let him know this) You’re an ANGEL to our beloved Tita Vio. Thank you for making her laugh and smile. ^_^ Thank you for taking care of her. ^_^ God bless you! —- 3 midgets: Beth, Arden, and Zena

    P.S: Mom is asking “Boyfriend ba ni Violet yan?” I have no answers and explanations. So, ikaw na bahala tita. Ahahaha! ^_^


    1. I’ll forward your message to him, betchabai! haha. did you get my uberly long email? i sent it to your yahoomail. confidential yun ha. tell ate, ”Boyfriend? ano yun?” haha. sabihin mo nalang… hindi PA. 🙂 hehe. apir!


  2. I’m happy that you’re happy. God really has a way of turning things around for those who wait.
    In love ka nga ba talaga o inlab-ilaban ka lang dahil bigger brasos siya? 🙂


  3. Hay naku atekinikilig talaga ako sa u ah, everyday kong sinusubaybayan ang iyong blog…. nakakatawa at nakakatuwa ang mga translations….. anywayssssss i see in your eyes how happy you are.. well sana ma meet din nmin sya ha, sana madala din sya dito sa la union…… ingat ka lagi ok. ( psssttt!!! peace of advice nakong ko, hwag ibigay lahat ha, magtira ng para sa sarili(love)) ;)… miss u ate


  4. Aw, you can’t mean this surely? “For knowing when I’m hungry and depriving me of food”

    He feeds you when you’re hungry right?


  5. Aside from kinilig na naman ako sa blog mo, natawa naman ako sa translation part. Haha. Im happy to see you happy. It shows. You have the glow. Ayieeee. :))


    1. haha. it’s that “glow” pag inlababo ang mga tao. tignan mo si ivs. 😉 im looking forward for more kilig moments. 😀


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