Car Wash

Inside his car.

ME: Can I put my feet up?’

HIM: You can do whatever you want to do. It’s your car.

ME: (Wow, may car ako bigla) Really? I can do ANYTHING?

HIM: Just don’t pee here.

ME: (Mutters) Anything pala ha.

After a month of me doing ”anything” inside ”my” car, she needs to be cleaned up. Here’s my first ever car wash!

Dinner at T.G.I. Friday’s. I had Cajun Shrimp & Chicken Pasta. He had steak.

I highly recommend this! I forgot what it’s called 😦

Now off to the car wash. Patiently waiting for him to unload all my stuffs a.k.a garbage. Haha.

There’s my new Roxy slippers. So this is how an expensive slippers feel like. It feels like I dowanna step on ground.

This may be the real reason I’m bloated – not fats but all air. I hope there’s a pin to diffuse me. Haha.

I forgot my bikini outfit so this should do for now.

”My” car is spic and span, ready to be messed up again!

10 thoughts on “Car Wash

    1. you’ll wear bikini too? yey! Sige, sige! I know kaya how to drive. I’ve been driving the revo & hilux & jeepney around bayombong before. But i need to relearn coz i haven’t been behind a wheel since 2006. gosh. so rusty.


    2. oo. topless pa kung gusto mo. hahaha! e manual naman un e. uy, i drove pala sa bayombong when Sam was there. Nakalimutan niya kung san house namin sabi ni Tita e ako na lang daw magdrive. ayun, lahat silang magkapatid e pasahero ko ‘gang sa house 😀


  1. Di sya mahilig mag-smile sa pics ano?
    I guess I will never own a pair of Havs or any equivalent high-end (kuno) tsinelas. I could buy a pair of running shoes for the price of one of those.
    Uy, just wanted to let you know my mom had a mini-stroke last Monday. Please pray it doesn’t recur. Thanks!


    1. yeah.. even if he has a nice smile. ay nako, ate. akala ko din never ako makakaexperience ng mamahaling tsinelas. naiinggit nga ako lagi sa mga atenista kong kakalase dati. haha. akala ko naman gaganda paa ko kapag nasuotan ng mahal. nawp. it’s still ginger-like. haha.

      oh no. how is she now? sige po, i’ll include her in my prayers.


    2. Thanks Vi. She’s fine now. It’s just that there’s a high chance of recurrence and mostly worse the 2nd/3rd time around. Kaya please continue to pray.


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