The Friendship of the Garmans

We love because HE first loved us. 1 John 4:19


My January blues is coming to its end. With it I’d like to share something I wrote in my journal 4 years ago about two special people in my dad’s life.

The Lucasis & The Garmans during my parents’ last trip to the US


I wrote this entry the day my dad’s best friends arrived in the Philippines from California to visit him in the hospital. This is papa smiling and laughing again.


Saying goodbye before their flight. I wonder if they both knew it would be their last time together.


This kind of love is what I someday would like to give to my friends. To be able to do this, one needs to hold on to its one perfect source.

We love because Christ first loved us.


9 thoughts on “The Friendship of the Garmans

  1. Thank you so much Pastor Mike for being a loving and caring twin brother to Doming! For Sandy being my sister. I love you both and miss you a lot..

    Thank you anak Vio for posting this blog.


  2. awww. Thanks much for this. I may not be there but know that even if my words are all I have to comfort you at this hard time, my prayers would always be with you and your family. *hugsback*. Don’t be scared to cry, it’s ok not to be strong at this time. But just don’t give it all up. Hope will keep you running 🙂


    1. idk why pero pinaiyak mo ko sa reply mo. 😥 thank you for the continued prayers. it means a lot. God bless you.


  3. “would i be someone who could give reason for them to fight for life, even for the briefest moment?” — yes you are violet. im so lucky i met you. thank God i bumped into you. you are a blessing to everyone. *hugs*


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