Papa’s Last Night

I grew up in a home filled with music.

Both my parents have admirable voices. My brother Lyle plays the guitar like a pro. My brother Leo sings and conducts for various choirs. My sister Doree composes her own songs. My little sister Beth is in training. Practically everyone except me is melodious.

Browsing through papa’s videos, I realized we had documented his last night alive.

CORO CANTABILE was his last visitor that night, singing him three songs in a row, a capella.

It made me smile to think Papa left earth bearing wonderful melody and was welcomed up there with a chorus of angels.

Very fitting for a man who loved music.

Here’s one of the beautiful songs from that night:

16 thoughts on “Papa’s Last Night

  1. Nakakaiyak naman ito, Violet. 😦 I am sure your papa is watching over you there in a land so very far away from Katipunan. I am also almost sure he is smiling, maybe even laughing, at your cute misadventures there. Miss you!


    1. awww, sir. nakakatuwa naman, ngcomment pa talaga kayo dito. thanks for reading me. Oonga e, when it come to papa issues, I know you can relate. I miss you much, sir!


  2. I’ve been wanting the hear Coro for some time now. At least narinig ko rin sila sa YouTube. Glad they were there to brighten your dad’s last night.


    1. ate, contact my bro for tix! maybe he’d be willing to give you complementary tix in my place. kasi ako lagi nyang plus one dati. e wala na ako. haha. they’re really great!


    2. Aba, in that case, email me his contact details. I will be a faithful groupie basta my sched allows me. Hehe.


  3. miss ko c papa.. remember ko tuloy ung last sermon sakin… (’bout my spagetini blouse)aunty sandy bought that tas ayaw ni papa…pinasuot tuloy ni mama yung jacket nya sakin.


  4. I just felt i have to post a comment.

    The video made me cry — from the great singing and the song, your family’s faith in God, to your papa’s strength, and for your immense love for him.

    He sure is watching over all of you. Kaya ingat si Troy montero mo. hehehe.


    1. Tito Tom 🙂 It matters a lot when readers take time to leave comments 🙂 thanks for taking time and thanks for appreciating this post. Haha oonga po, mag-ingat si troy montero ko. Haha.


  5. nakakainis ka vi… napaiyak mo ako. 🙂
    Your papa is watching over you right now and I’m sure he’s saying he’s so proud of you.


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