Toshy, My New Laptop

Remember this?

This was Lappy, my college bestfriend who died of overfatigue. We were together for 6 long years.

It’s been almost a year after and today I got this!

I am not a tech fanatic.  But If I were to be stranded in an island, a laptop is all I need to be a happy castaway.

When Lappy died, I squatted on a company laptop for 11 months. I never felt at home. So when this fell on my lap yesterday, I was thrilled like crazy!

I could finally blog from my very own laptop!

The free Canon Camera that came with it.

Thank you, Lord, for my generous sponsor.


10 thoughts on “Toshy, My New Laptop

  1. thank God i’m still using ur very first toshiba laptop… BATH-SHIBA. It is now officially suffering from extreme cataracts (milky white screen)… I’m looking forward to getting acquainted with TOSHY and bringing her home with me… hahaha! LOLIRT! (LAUGH OUT LOUD IN REAL TEXT)


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