The Laptop and the Salad

I can only write using my laptop.

That’s my quirk as a writer. Give me a foreign laptop and try to squeeze all the creative juices in me and all you’ll get is a trickle of saliva.

It’s been 24 days since my two-year-old laptop died on me. It was a case of damaged internal graphic card so the entire motherboard should be replaced. In the UAE, buying a new laptop is relatively cheaper and wiser than repairing damaged devices.

My husband and I have looked around for days but I haven’t found “the one,” that with a spark of chemistry, that love at first sight. I look at my damaged laptop and I remember the day my husband-then-boyfriend bought it for me. It was one bright day in a year full of anguish.

Since the time it got busted, I inhabited his laptop. Everyday I charmed him into doing something else other than use his machine. But every time I try to write, words come out of me like droplets of sweat in a cold winter night.

Today my husband wanted his movie time and I wanted my blog time. I executed my beautiful eyes and seductive smiles but he wouldn’t budge. I then had to unleash the power of my sad face and teary eyes and wailed, “I haven’t blogged in such a long time!”

It was near midnight but he decided to go out and buy me a laptop for the sake of my blog life. An hour later, he came back with a huge smile.

I left him for a while as he prepared it for my use. Suddenly he announced he was returning it. He said the guy who sold it to him got an important specification wrong. It wasn’t the laptop for me. He rushed back to the store.

Now here I am left alone desperately trying to blog while eating this McDonald salad he bought me earlier.


I am no techy person. I do not know the best brands or understand design, value, specs and performance of devices. I like that my husband is that kind of specimen.

What I love most is the care he puts into buying stuffs for me. He doesn’t settle for the mediocre. He does his research making sure my techies perfectly fit my peculiarities and low technical intelligence. He prepares everything, assembles parts, downloads apps, installs programs and charges batteries.

All that is left for me to do is use them. I am so spoiled.

Then I think of God and recognize the fact that if we humans know how to give good gifts to others, how much more will our Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask Him.

God created the word generous. When we desire something no matter how absurd or impossible it is, God needs no research on specs to know exactly what’s right for us. His answer to our prayers is always the best for us even if we don’t feel or think it is.

It’s like me asking my husband for a chicken burger this morning and he comes home with salad.


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