Touring Burjuman Center Dubai

Branded as the haven of luxury shopping, BurJuman Center delivers without fail.

Known as the residence high fashion, BurJuman is all about fabulous style and fantastic shopping. Home to one of the biggest selections of high end brands in the world , it articulates the true meaning of luxury.

Enjoy a delightful meal in the airy Pavilion Gardens-a stunning dining retreat on the third level. Beautiful wood paneling, lush greenery and soft water fountains create a truly relaxing atmosphere.

We had dinner at the Noodle House. Two thumbs up!

Phad Thai (my favorite noodle food), Beef Teriyaki, mixed vegetables and egg rice.

Marble-clad bathrooms! They have the best mall comfort rooms I’ve seen so far. The cubicles are so spacious you could unfold a bed and sleep awhile.

I did mention in an earlier post the designer chairs in state-of-the-art waiting areas.

If you’re looking for a better class of shopping, it’s all here!


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