One Hundred Dirhams

On my first day in Abu Dhabi, Gob gave me 100 Dirhams to start my new life.

It was just a spur of the moment. I wanted to see how Dirhams looked like so he opened his wallet and showed me a couple of bills. After I examined the papers which all looked alike for me, he goes,

”Pick one for you.”

Of course I picked the highest bill. Sad, he didn’t have anything higher than a hundred. But I didn’t know back then what it was worth.

On my last day with him, he gave me another 100 Dirhams. He said, one for arrival and one for departure.

After a year in the UAE, I now know that 100 dirhams is worth a lot. You can buy a sim with free phone or food that will last you 3 weeks or send home a small balikbayan box.

What 100 Dirhams can’t buy though is the generous heart of a man. I badly wish he finds a girl to spend all his Dirhams on.

God bless his soul.


7 thoughts on “One Hundred Dirhams

  1. ATE!!! Nagbabasa ang boyfriend ko! At may translator yun ng Tagalog. haha. lagot lagot! Itigil na ang issue na Violet-Gob. Walang kamatayan.

    Paumanhin sa ‘babyko’ ni Gob, hanggang pera lamang ang aming relasyon. haha.


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