The Legend of Viviane and King Big-O (Part 1)

The Legend of Viviane and King Big-O

Once upon a time, in the faraway land of Abukado, there lived a sucky-sucky King named Big-O. He owns a sucky-sucky kingdom with a governor who only pretended to like him and subjects who hated him.

One day, King Big-O found his kingdom without a gardener… again! In his reign, no gardener stayed long enough. One by one they came and one by one they left.

King Big-O then hired a clueless young peasant we shall name Viviane. The king didn’t tell his newly hired help that a gardener was what he really needed. Instead, he blinded her with promises and very beautiful things that she could do and could be in his kingdom.

‘’We shall paint the streets gold and yellow and you shall be my Great Gatekeeper. Do not worry, I am here to help you,’’ the king declared.

The spellbinded Viviane instantly penned her name on his deceptive contract-scroll.

Viviane toiled hard for over a month before she realized she had been tricked! No Great Gatekeeper was she. She was a slaved gardener!

After one year of braving the heat and digging a never-ending pit, Viviane surrendered. She sent King Big-O a one-month notice to inform him she was leaving the kingdom. The King pleaded her to stay a few more months and promised to let her pass the gates freely after. But Viviane, who wasn’t as dumb as she was a year ago, saw another trick. The kingdom was about to be sieged and King Big-O needed subjects to protect him from the fatal arrows. She respectfully declined.

King Big-O was furious someone could reject him. He fired Vivian and launched a personal vendetta against her.

So the battle began.

To be continued.

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