The Legend of Viviane and King Big-O (Part 2)

Viviane was asked to surrender her Gate-passport to the kingdom. A certain stamp was needed on it for her to leave the gates. She handed over her Gate-passport one month before her scheduled carriage ride home.

Being an obedient subject that she is, she accomplished everything King Big-O asked from her. She finished all her slave-related tasks and handed over all her gardening tools. She gave the king a copy of her carriage ticket so he’d be well-informed of her departure date. King Big-O assured her that her stamp will be processed as soon as possible and that her ticket will be reimbursed.

When the time came for her to collect her reimbursement, the king made her go back and forth, round and round, up and down, before finally releasing her money. The king obviously found pleasure in toying with his subjects. His evil laughter filled the kingdom.

Every week Viviane kept on asking if she could get back her Gate-passport but the king kept on saying:

One week before her departure, the king informed her that he needed her Labor Badge to process her stamp.  Viviane was shocked that after all those weeks her stamp was still on process. She immediately handed over her Labor Badge.

Again, she asked when she’d be getting her Gate-passport. The king said:

Viviane personally appeared at the kingdom’s office to make sure her Gatepassport would be given on time. She was asked to sign papers. Nothing was said about additional requirements. The Governor promised her that everything will be on time.

On the day of her carriage ride, Viviane was all packed-up and was almost to the gates when King Big-O asked her to submit another ID Badge for the finalizing of her stamp. Viviane could not believe her ears. Her stamp was only being processed on the day of her departure! And the king was asking for a requirement hours before her trip.

The King was playing his game and the governor’s hand was tied. All their promises vanished in thin air.

Viviane missed her carriage ride and disappointed her entire family waiting back home. She had to re-book another ride which cost her much and had to find a place to live in for her extended stay in the kingdom.

King Big-O was unsympathetic, refused to reimburse the new ticket and remained unapologetic about what happened.

He proudly declared,

”It is not my problem.”

To be continued.

2 thoughts on “The Legend of Viviane and King Big-O (Part 2)

    1. Hmmm… may sinabi ba akong ako to?! Haha. Kung ako man yan, which is hindi daw ako kunwari, ibang tao ang tinutukoy jan. Hindi yung inaagawan ko ng upuan. Ito yung higher sa lahat… kung ako an ito. haha. wink wink.


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