The Legend of Viviane and King Big-O (Part 3)

The kingdom promised Vivianne, she would get her Gate-passport the next day.

The sun rose and set the following day and there was no Gate-passport seen. King Big-O didn’t bother to update or explain what was happening.

Vivianne roamed the gardens in desperation. She regretted the day she signed that contract-scroll. She regretted the day she set foot in the faraway land of Abukado.

A few meters away, a visiting Prince from another kingdom was watching her. He wondered what tragedy could this fine maiden have to posses such misery on her face. He went to her. They talked. Soon enough, he swept her off her feet and brought her to a safe place.

”Everything will be alright,” he promised.

The next day, Vivianne was informed that her stamp was done and her Gate-passport was ready. She and the Prince rode to the gates  to make sure it wasn’t just a hoax. Indeed, it was there.

Vivianne took her bags and passed through the gates. A king’s spy stood right beside her to make sure she really did go away. Vivianne had the strongest urge to tell him that she had no intentions of staying a second longer in King Big-O’s crappy crappy kingdom. But a flicker of something made her think twice. 

She looked back one more time and saw the Prince’s kind face. Maybe there was reason to return after all.

Vivianne boarded her carriage and closed her eyes real tight. The battle has ended.

Not far away, the enemies of the king were sharpening their arrows. It wouldn’t take long before King Big-O’s empire would crumble like sand in a storm.

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