Singapore Airlines

A Great Way to Fly!

Goodbye, Abu Dhabi airport.

Goodbye, Abu Dhabi land.

Goodbye, Abu Dhabi air.

Food. Food. Food!

I pre-orderd a seafood meal online and they delivered well. Yipee! I loved the fish and the decent servings.

Desserts were ice-cream & Prince William!

Sleepless and post-traumatized, the flights soothed me and helped me regain composure.

They have great online booking services. I was able to choose my chair and pick my meals easily. Even when I had to rebook my flight, they did it without too much hassle. 

It was a pleasure flying with you, Singapore Airlines.

Highly recommended!


4 thoughts on “Singapore Airlines

  1. Hahaha. Di nga sya mangga. I didn’t look very closely and the EEE has a tiny screen.
    I just learned from my boss that Sing Air has an open bar. He once got himself drunk ordering cocktails left and right.


  2. One whole mango? Wow! So airline food isn’t all that bad contrary to the stereotype huh? (I think hospital food stinks unless maybe you’re in St. Luke’s).
    How’s your homecoming been so far? Will you be coming down here to jobhunt once more?
    Lemme know when and let’s meet up huh?


    1. Looks like mango, ate, but it isn’t. It’s one big bread actually. It fooled me too, napatingin ako bigla kasi wala akong ma-alalang mango na kinain ko. hehe. Yeap, unless domestic flights, they’re up-ing the game on food. Ok naman ang homecoming, tulog ako ng tulog. parang sobrang pagod ng katawan ko. The box with all your knives came na pala, we’ll try to meet up pagluwas ko around end of May or early June when we pick up the Captain 🙂 Nope, I don’t plan to jobhunt here muna. Change of priorities. PM kita ate kapag luluwas ako 🙂


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