Arrival in the Philippines 2011

Nothing beats coming home to one big hugging family!

The kids got more excited with the push carts

My brother and sisters

Leo and a very sleepy groggy me

Zion: I miss you, tita

Baby Zs reaction when we said were going to Jolibee!

Me and my loyalty

I had always been a Jolly-kid

The entire bunch

With Sam and Zion

With Sam & Beth

We meet again, my precious

Now, I wont have to worry about Abu Dhabi chicken rashes

My little sister, who has suddenly grown tall, tries out my new wedge. It fits!

The Philippines never smelled so good!


6 thoughts on “Arrival in the Philippines 2011

  1. natatawa ako sa isang sign — violet faith. kahit ba naman family mo napagkakamalan nilang ikaw si faith? hahaha!

    btw, i love how you took the vid. pigil ang pag-iyak mo ano?


    1. Hahaha! I don’t think I told you, but my dad actually wanted a FAITH after my name. Pero nung niregister ako tinamad ata ang nagsulat at Violet lang nilagay nya. Pansin mo ako lang ang isang name sa amin (Lyle Lee, Mishael Leo, Doree Joy, Bethany Kay… VIOLET lang) hahaha. sabi ko buti nalang tinamad kasi kung hindi pareho kami ni brend faith na may faith. masyadong corny na un. hahaha.


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