Yesterday, I did my last major wedding errand – the cake.

I was originally planning to scratch off the cake in my list and just create my own terrarium display. I went through hundreds of wedding cake photos and everything to me was either too classy or too girly or too cakey. There were a lot of fun custom-made cakes but not one appealed to my personhood.

I’m a very picky person especially when it comes to artsy stuffs. In choosing things, I follow this rule I call “The Whoa Effect.” It’s this enigmatic connection to something at first sight.

I felt this when I saw a certain cake booth during the Power Weddings Bridal Fair at Rockwell Tent. In an alternate unverse where I know how to bake and design cakes, I would have owned these clever creations. It was the last booth on my way out and the cake display just stopped me in my tracks. It was like the terrarium I had in mind but EATABLE! I went closer, ignoring the kind lady who was offering me a sample taste (because I am not a great fan of sweets) and read the articles and stories behind each cake.

Being a writer, that’s the order: read, feel, taste.

”Can I touch?” I asked the kind lady. She said yes, and my hands immediately reached out to feel the bewitching artful conceptions. Each one is custom-made, bride-groom tailored with each design uniquely unrepeated. Meaning: the cake is yours and yours alone.

Finally, I gave in to the kind lady offering me a sample of that intriguing chocolate cake. One taste and that sealed the deal. Quirky cakes made on earth moistened by heaven. Sarap pramis!

Yesterday, I met Karla, the mastermind (masterhand rather) of all these. She did a sketch right on the spot and it was amazing how the squiggly lines turned into a funky design. She added a few colors for the Captain, who was watching patiently through Skype, and tadaaa! our wedding cake in it’s finest sketch!

The Captain and I when we first met and first dated, cake immortalized is something to look forward to. Friends sponsoring my cake would get a dandy treat too 🙂

Click to go to website

Funky wedding cake, see you soon. 

Full wedding suppliers stories coming soon 🙂

2 thoughts on “Claycakes

  1. sana makaabot dito ang moist chocolate cake na yan… kahit crumbs lang ok na. 🙂 i wish i was there to help you plan the wedding. pero know na kahit wala ako sa planning, organizing and execution ng wedding mo, you have my full support. 🙂


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