Fiance Appreciated

Dear fiancé,

Amidst all these organizing, bargaining and designing, I would like to stop awhile and do something that I should have done a long time ago.

I just want to appreciate you…

…for calling every single day and every single night. Skype or no Skype, you make me feel that mobile credit isn’t as important as hearing my husky voice.

…for diving into all these details – reading, understanding and immersing yourself into everything I send you. I nominate you as the best hands-on long-distance fiancé of the century.

…for trusting my judgements and believing in my ability to put all these plans together. You are nothing like the groomzilla I always dreaded.

…for liking things I create. The way you smile proudly and say words like, ”I’m impressed,” creates stomping caterpillars in my stomach.

…for being my number one blog reader. I feel like the hundred hits I’m getting comes from you. Haha.

…for calmly talking to me even if I shout, I snort, I frown and throw you all my sungit powers. I am in awe at how loving you are even if I push you to the limits.

…for making sure the night ends without fixing fights I all started. I feel like a lousy, lousy person.

…for always making sure I have a proper goodbye even if I get so annoying I can’t even stand myself. I am continually amazed at how you survive the irritable person that I am.

…for making me feel beautiful. If love is truly blind, I wish you never get your sight back.

…for readily talking to my mom or sister and anyone I leave the phone to and for learning to live with the roosters’ crowing, the dogs’ barking and my shrieking when Jerry the house mouse passes by.

…for trusting me with your money without probing and speculating. I assure you, I try very hard to get good deals and not overspend… except when I pass by Siomai House.

…for always saying Amen after I pray.

I love you for being the consistent loving person that you are since I met you. I pray for you every night that God would keep you safe, away from danger, accidents and girls with long sexy legs that I don’t have.

Can’t wait for your arrival, I already have my wedges ready.

I love you, Cap.

18 thoughts on “Fiance Appreciated

  1. Hi Vio! Hope you still remember me. We met thru your Kuya Lyle during his Febias days. I just want you to know that I’m a big fan of yours, a lurker, actually. Ang galing mo magsulat, panalo! Si Leo din magaling, been reading his blog nun sa Friendster, I just don’t know kung buhay pa yun, hehe. Di ko na mapigilan mag comment, NAKAKAKILIG KASI, parang ang sarap ma in love ulit lalo na kung ganyan ka guapo, haha! Sorry, i know delayed reaction na to, I just want you to know that I’m just so happy to know that you’re getting married na. Parang fairy tale kasi palgi ko sinusubaybayan talaga kayo, nakakatuwa kasi. Hay, feeling young daw ako. Naku, super haba na ng comment ko. Sorry naman, got carried away. 🙂 You truly inspire me.


  2. yep. i always read your blogs. you know, i envy you oagdating sa ganitong sulatan. haha. 🙂 pag ikakasal na ako, sigurado, ha-huntingin kita. hehe. tips, tips.. hehe


  3. waaaaaahhhhh…nice Vio…I’ve been planning to do the same thing since I’m gettng married as well….congrats beautful Vio…wish u ol d best!*_*


    1. awwww, ate! welcome to violetology! thanks for dropping by and writing a comment 🙂 nagbabasa ka pala. hehe. touch naman ako. hope ngstart ka na sa planning. sabihan mo lng ako if you need advice or anything ha. love you always!


    2. Voted for you! By the way the other day I went to the Printemps department store in Paris and in a shop wiondw between the store and the subway station I saw donut cushions! Never expected to see one here! I bought one for my daughter’s room. She often asks me when the next keychains come out, I hope you will do more!


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    1. Maimai! welcome to violetolgy! haha. oo, masaya sya especially when you’re planning with the right fiance 🙂 advance congrats to you too! go na! ikasal na tayong lahat! haha.


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