My Sister-Coordinator

I hired my own sister as my wedding coordinator.

She had zero knowledge of her job description… at first. They were scary days. We had to go through a big fight wherein I fired her and rehired her that same night. My sister and I aren’t butter and salt on a corn cob. She’s more of a corn and I’m more of a cob. We taste better apart, shredded.

In just a few weeks, she has evolved from kanto cornick to Boy Bawang to Special Chichacorn with Cheese. Priceless!

I dunno where all these silly metaphors are coming from but what I really want to advocate is: hire sisters as wedding coordinators!

Dear Baboo, I may be cranky and bitchy at times but always remember that when you had near-death moments in your life (above photo), I had always been that person hopping into your hospital bed. Haha. Older sister loves you!

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