Ensemble E-Travel Complaint on Process

3 things I’ve learned recently:

1. Always check out the reliability of the travel agency offering the  deal.

2. Read your deal inclusions thoroughly.

3. Decide wisely.

We bought this for our 3-B honeymoon (Baguio – Boracay – Bohol) and it was a big let down.

Rants have been deleted as both parties managed to reach amicable settlement.

UPDATE 2012:

For contact information or if you want to share your stories, rants or complaints… click HERE.


34 thoughts on “Ensemble E-Travel Complaint on Process

  1. i was finally able to have ensemble send us our travel documents around 2 weeks ago after a constant (as in daily through phone/facebook/email) follow-up with metrodeal. everything is settled for our trip this weekend, whew!


  2. Hi! Is there an update on Metrodeal/ Ensemble travel services? Or could you please post contact nos. where I can follow up with Ensemble.

    I purchased my Palawan voucher last June 2011 and specifically planned on redeeming it this year, June 2012. It said in the Metrodeal website that the voucher was valid for 1 year and I was able to print it. I emailed Ensemble early February as directed but did not get any reply. After almost 3 wks, I decided to call for follow up. I tried all 5-6 contact nos. provided by Ensemble and no one was answering. At last, I received an sms saying that he/she cannot answer my call at the moment but asked me to send an sms instead. I told the person/Ensemble that I want to redeem my voucher already and asked them to act on it asap. I also provided my email address as requested. The person/Ensemble promised to “send my concern to the assigned agent”. Despite this reply, what added to my worry is when I checked the Metrodeal website today, the validity period for my voucher was changed to up to only Dec. 2011 instead of June 2012. After this and all the bad reviews I have been reading, I am still crossing my fingers that somehow this will still work out. The least thing Metrodeal can do is give a refund!

    I would appreciate any feedback/update from you. Thanks!


  3. hi. we purchased ensemble e-travel’s services via metrodeal last year. we are currently scheduled for a tour in kamotes island this 02-04 March, as arranged with ms lisa santos of ensemble e-travel philippines. We are yet to receive our travel documents, though. ensemble’s published contact numbers are either “cannot be reached” or just keep on ringing without any answer. there neither is any reply through email.


    1. if only it’s not late to refund, that’s the best option to spare you from all the upcoming stress 😦

      I am so sorry for what happened and what is happening. I do hope it gets fixed soon..


  4. Me too, I have bought the deal last July and date of my travel is yet on April 2012. Though the itineraries seems to be okay na dahil sa sobrang tagal ng follow up ko sa kanila, reply nila was last Nov. 18. Then ang nagtataka ako bkit may P3,000/head na dapat akong ihanda at magbayad? The last email I sent them is asking them for what is the P3,000.00 na sinisingil nila? Di pa rin sila sumasagot until now..

    Naloloka na ako sa kapa-follow up sa kanila pero deadma pa din ang ensemble e-travel. What do I need to do?

    Can I still refund the package I made wiht Metrodeal?


    1. Hi Aida, the best really that you could do is keep on follow-uping. Or go straigth to ensemble office in person. or go straight to metrodeal in person. I don’t know really how Ensemble is dealing with issues like this now but one this is or sure, be aggressive with your follow-up.

      If you rest for awhile the chances of you getting back your money or getting what you paid for will lessen.


    2. A few days after I posted this blog, someone named Lucas, emailed me and asked me on the details they need. Nabuhayan ako ng loob sa site na ito.. Kaya maraming salamat pero, eto na naman ako sa complaint ko…

      I asked him, of course, para makasigurado, prior to giving my flight details, if indeed the reservation in a Hotel in Camiguin and my itineraries are final. Then he told me, to give him the flight details first para ma complete na ang maibigay nila sa aking itineraries. Syempre, gusto kong makasigurado kasi, baka kasi magkaroon pa sila ng mga dahilan. In short, I took again the risk of getting our flights reserved and provided it to them. Then after a few days, someone named Angelo replied saying that the email address I am sending the details is being used for Bohol travel na lang.. Imagine? ang email add eh may nakalagay na “cdodeal”, tas biglang sasabihin eh pang-Bohol na lang yun? Ano ba? So I emailed again (the two email addresses I have for ensemble e-travel), saying the names of Angelo, Lucas, Mae, etc… and syempre nag follow up ako kung ano na ang status pero ala pa ring silang reply to my 2nd follow-up.

      I hope, balikan nila ako soonest.. Maaga akong nakipag deal sa kanila, tas hanggang ngayon, di pa rin final?? Two and a half months na lang April na!!

      Please, I hope matugunan na nila ang mga complaints sa kanila…


    3. Yikes, I am so so sorry din for what’s happening and I really frown at how Ensemble deals with you. If only we could bring it to higher authorities…

      I’m thinking of a way…


  5. i was one of the palawan trip cust. i fought many times with their travel agency which is of course ensemble lucky me though coz’i was able to used it but the pangit thing that i could mention is that even nandun ka na sa palawan they will still give you headaches dahil sa mga pabago-bagong plans buti nlng mganda ang palawan para iistress ko ang sarili ko..


  6. We apologize for intruding like this. We are very sorry to hear all the problems and concerns you guys have been experiencing with regards to this company. We do certainly hope that this would not diminish your plans to explore the rest of the Philippines Islands 🙂

    We would just like to inform everyone that our company, e-Philippines Adventure Travel and Destinations, is a separate and distinct travel company from the aforementioned ” Ensemble e-Travel Philippines”. We are not connected or affiliated in any way with them.

    A number of their clients have already contacted us thinking we are of the same company. They are a wholly separate entity from us.

    With this, we wish everyone good luck with any deal that you have bought and hope that you will still be able to enjoy your trip 🙂

    explore, experience and enjoy the Phippines first!


    e-Philippines Adventure Travel and Destinations
    Email: info@e-philippines.com.ph
    Website: http://www.e-Philippines.com.ph
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ePhilippinesAdventureTravel


    1. yes of course.. my friend and i have travelled to puerto princesa thru e-philippines. and we are satisfied with their service. =) we were thinking to purchase a package from ensemble e-travel through metro deal.. good thing we checked the reviews first.


  7. Wat happened to this? I am planning to email Failon ngayon or Imbestigador. 😦 So sad that they are not answering my calls and emails. My fiance and I bought a Palawan Trip worth 9900… 😦


    1. Joey, the owner, has been in direct contact with me. 09174246558. We’re still working on a settlement 😦 I suggest you withdraw or refund if it’s still possible.


    2. Me too… We bought also package trip to Palawan for 9900 but until now no ticket yet, I’m worried about this, waaaaaaaahhhhhh… sayang nmn ung pera nmin, sana ginamit nlng nmin s kasal nmin un or find another place for honeymoon. I am super stress with this package deal, this is big lesson for me, I would never ever buy METRODEAL anymore… I talked to someone name Daryl in Ensemble and He told me that He will book already with additional payment of 700each since no promo anymore. Good thing we haven’t paid yet. hay 😦 What do we gonna do? That suppose our Honeymoon… huhuhuhu…


    3. Yah, me too.. that’s for our honeymoon too.. lessons learned tlga….DIY na lang ang mga ganyang trip… khet mejo mahal pro atleast di ka stress.. abang lang ng promo.. one more thing… mahirap tlga maglabas ng ganyang kalaking pera kung sa site mo lang bibilhin.. haay!


    4. Yes Rhaine 🙂 DIY parin ang best option and funny because it’s actually a cheaper option now considering the many promos of Cebu Pac na pinapantayan narin ng ibang airlines 🙂 Haay talaga. but lessons learned ayt?


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