Zion, the Warrior Prince

August is National Language Month (Buwan ng Wika) in the Philippines.

This student-geared annual celebration highlights the importance of the National Language (Filipino) to our identity and culture and promote it as a medium of communication.

For the grade school pupils it is when the ”Speak in English” sign is put to rest and classmates become instant Filipino orators, declaimers and slogan makers. For the parents, it is when they scavenge around to find mini native costumes that would fit their kids.

This is what my sister-in-law accomplished for my nieces…

Samantha in Red

Nikki in Dora.. err Yellow

The best of course (which I rate 3 thumbs up) is my nephew’s native costume…


Without the bolo/knife. Sharp objects not allowed in school.

Move over, Dora's backpack!

He was the only winner of BEST COSTUME, besting all the other gradeschoolers and highschoolers.

Ignoring the fictitious tattoo and ”misleading” arrow, which reflect how humorous my family can be, I think he deserves the award. Such bravery from a little boy to perform without shame, half-naked in front of the entire school!

I like to believe that we are of ”royal” blood considering that my grandfather is one of the wisest elder of our tribe once known for our fiercesness in war and headhunting.

So this little boy, who everybody thought was in costume, was actually wearing his real clothes. And the everyday clothes he wears, are just his costumes.

Prince Zion, your ancestors are proud of you!

4 thoughts on “Zion, the Warrior Prince

  1. When I was younger I had to dress up like that for my school in Baguio’s Foundation Day. I have burned all (or so I think) evidences of that evident for sheer unadulterated shame. But now, looking back and seeing these pictures, that day is probably one of my glorious days of Filipino Nationalism. Thanks for this and best wishes on your marriage.


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