Ensemble E-Travel Ceasefire

This post is to conclude the series of complaints I raised against Ensemble E-Travels.

As of yesterday, I have received in my account their compensation for our honeymoon trip. They have delivered acceptable settlements just as they have promised.

I believe Ensemble as a company has a huge margin for improvement and they have the capability to be better in the travel and tours industry. In fact, the deals they offer can be very memorable when executed well.

All negative rants from a very emotional me has been deleted. With this, I raise my white flag.

Ensemble and I are now friends. TRUCE!

UPDATE 2012:

For contact information or if you want to share your stories, rants or complaints… click HERE.


26 thoughts on “Ensemble E-Travel Ceasefire

  1. I bought a ticket for two for Sumilon, for Marrch 2012 and I purchased it last July 2011. I had learned from the news TV Patrol that there are many complains to Metro Deal-Ensemble E Travel. I will ask my bank to void the transaction. I even tried to call Metro deal and Ensemble but no one’s answering the phone.


    1. Update us if your bank allowed to cancel the transaction 🙂 We all had a hard time calling them, that’s the sad part. You just have to be really aggressive!


  2. try to contact them thru their email address. I have had a recent deal with ensemble thru metrodeal. Just to make sure, I’ve paid for one night booking only at La Carmela last August 2011 and availed it last Nov 2011. Well, the only frustrating part is that seaport service was not available at the time of our travel..but refund for P100 pesos has not been done until now, despite follow up in emails (no longer a loss) but just trying. 🙂


    1. Thanks for sharing 🙂 most of their deals do push through, but not very excellently though. Keep on trying, 100 is still a hundred. Money earned and saved 🙂


  3. Do the reservation thru email, I did my reservation last week and everything is okay now. They mentioned that the travel docket and everything will be sent out a month after our trip which is January 15-17, 2012. If you have the deal that has the expiration of SEPT2011 – SEPT2012, email the ppsdeal2@gmail.com between 8pm to 6pm.


    1. Johan Liljegren November 13, 2007 Jeff,Great to get some new blog tips! However, the link to Matt Evans’ The Admin Exchange is most likely incrcreot, as it is the same as the one to Salesforce Times.My Google karma doesn’t give me any tips on where to find it either. Do you have an updated link to it?Regards//Johan


    1. It’s frustrating at first, but I just kept on calling and calling. All the numbers I could find. And if it helps, ask a friend (if you have) from Cebu to go to their office. I was so helpless, we proceeded with the trip but then I kept follow-uping then showed them everything that transpired until I got my refund.


  4. I too have the same problem. No one is answering my calls! Crappy crappy service! Our trip is far from progressing.


  5. Hi! I’m having the same problem with Ensemble. I was also able to contact one of their numbers and their supposedly called customer service even rudely dismissed me that if i have nothing to say, he’ll put the phone down also he said I should just refund the vouchers i bought in Metrodeal. I cant do this since Metrodeal will only give it in credits. I paid 27500 worth of vouchers. 😦 Now I cant contact any of Ensemble’s number. Metrodeal cant be contacted and does not reply to emails too. This is a gift for my parents’ anniversary and I dont know what to do anymore. :((


    1. Hi Vanessa, It’s really frustrating this way, especially it’s worth that big. Maybe you could walk-in or go to MetroDeal’s office. Seek legal counsel too. Bring a lawyer with you.


      Landline: 788-6591
      MetroDeal Inc.
      27F (Regus) Tower 2 The Enterprise Centre
      6766 Ayala Avenue cor. Paseo De Roxas
      Makati City


  6. Hi – Did you communicate with Ensemble or Metrodeal (assuming you bought the voucher from there)? Either of them, can you please send me some contact details?


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