What I Do With Milk

We have buckets of dairy products in our fridge courtesy of the Captain’s company – skim milk, yoghurt, all sorts of arabic-named cream milk. This is just half of it. I gave away the buckets of cheese to the Kabayan guard downstairs.

I was meaning to give them all away because I find the buckets handy. I thought the expiration date was September 11 but when I checked again it was September 1. So I had buckets of EXPIRED dairy products which I didn’t want to go to waste.

I remembered hearing a famous actress bathing in milk to make her skin whiter and moisturised. Hence a smart me bathed in milk for 3 days. Yes, 3 days of unlimited, unrestrained milk bath. It was luxury while it lasted. I forgot how sensitive and prone to allergies my skin is, so after 3 days of feeling rich in the shower, a silly me ended up with pimples and little bumps all over my back.

Now I am back to my papaya soap. I still have 4 buckets left in my fridge and I don’t have any ideas left on how to make creamy milk useful.

Maybe yoghurt bath would be different? Nah. I dowana take the risk.



3 Buckets of yoghurt given to the salon next door.

1 Bucket of milk reserved for my foot spa.

Problem solved!

5 thoughts on “What I Do With Milk

  1. Well, I don’t like creamy stuff too much except maybe for cooking but what’s wrong with the cheese? Smelly? Sour? I like ’em.


  2. Uh, you can still most probably drink the milk and eat the yoghurt. Dairy companies give an allowance for the expiry date and as long as they’ve been kept cold they should still be ok. You gave away the cheese!! I wish I lived next door to you. I love cheese. And I eat a lot of yoghurt.


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