Smelly or Savory?

This morning was the first time I was so excited for my husband to leave for work. I literally pushed him out of the door.


Because I can’t wait to devour my fried rice and pritong talong with alamang!

No, I didn’t cook that. I ordered it from Golden Fork last night but couldn’t indulge because he was within the ”smell vicinity”. I had to wait ’till the morning.

What they find so stenchy, I find so savory!

Delayed gratification, YUM!

6 thoughts on “Smelly or Savory?

  1. Bahahahaha I do the same thing! When I cook fish, pakbet and other bagoong stuff it has to be because he isn’t home! So I stock up on scented candles and air fresheners as a fail safe in case the smell lingers! LOL


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