The Little Things

My husband is a man of grand gestures. Remember the whole body make-over, the many fieldtrips, the tree-like flowers, the shoppings, the diamonds and laptop?

Cliché as it may be, I didn’t fall in love with him for his extravagance. It was actually the little things he did that made my heart flutter. And it is still the simple things he initiates that keeps me falling in love.

Ace Espiritu Photography

He takes photos of me for Violetology.

He allows me to steal his money. But of course I plunder in front of him and I just loot small bills and coins.

When he comes home from work, he gives me a back rub and I’m the one sitting at home the whole day.

He fixes internet problems on my laptop.

He brings me home an Ikea Catalog. The night before I spent hours online looking for a downloadable UAE edition.

He installs games on my phone.

He lowers the aircondition of the car (and the house) whenever I start getting cold.

He throws the garbage for me.

He buys me nail polish.

He lets me sleep on his arm the whole night even if it makes him uncomfortable.

The list goes on and on.

This morning I woke up and saw this on our dresser table.

100 Dirhams for what?

There was no ”performance” last night so I didn’t earn the money. Haha. We didn’t need groceries. No one was scheduled to come work in the house. So 100 Dirhams was all for me! SWEET!

Little things are the real big things.

6 thoughts on “The Little Things

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