Lola’s Rules

My mom is a mother-grandmother to 5 rowdy kids.

To maintain sanity in the house, she has very strict rules which the kids (after numerous spankings) know by heart:

Do not eat in the sofa.

Do not eat in the bed.

Do not jump in the sofa.

Do not run around the house at night.

Do not play with water.

Do not tell your aunties and uncles when I eat ice-cream or sweets.



So this morning I was in bed talking to my niece Nikki through Skype.

Nikki: Tita I will show you something. You pikit your eyes.

I close (pikit) my eyes.

Nikki: Are you pikiting already?

Oh my, this kid is becoming so conyo. Tsk, tsk. I can’t blame them though. They grew up speaking English but when they started school everybody else spoke in Filipino. They had to learn Tagalog if they wanted to have friends.

Me: My eyes are closed already.

Suddenly she got distracted.

Nikki: Tita, what are you eating?

Me: I’m eating yoghurt.

Nikki: It’s like ice-cream?

Me: Yes but not too cold.

Nikki: Are you in your bed?

Me: Yes! See my bed, it’s so soft.

In a very serious and worried tone she declared…

Sumbong (To tell on)

Me: (Laughs) But this is not the bed of Lola, this is my bed.

Nikki: (Waggers finger) No eating in the bed, tita. I will sumbong you when lola comes home!

I could not win this conversation. The rules have extended to Abu Dhabi.


3 thoughts on “Lola’s Rules

  1. Wow, Nikki’s got a Barbie. I remember wishing I could have one as a kid. I’m kinda glad I never got one though.
    I guess the kids don’t visit their classmates’ houses yet? That’s the time I learned about how different the rules can be in other households.


    1. Hahaha. Yes, same here, I learned about that when I was the only one bringing my plate to the sink. haha. nope, they haven’t been to their classmates’ houses yet. obviously.


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