Reebok ZigTech

From my husband with love. This is his way of saying, ”you’re getting fat.”

When it comes to rubber shoes, Reebok has always been my first choice. All my Reeboks had withstood my heavy fat legs.

Zig Tech is their new technology. These specially-engineered soles are designed to propel you forward and in turn reduce muscle fatigue on your shins leaving your legs feeling fresher.

I’m excited to test if the zags really zig, but this part of the world is creeping with creeps (both subtle and outright). All I need is a jogging/running partner and I’m good to go.



I’ve been using my zigs almost everyday for 2 months now. Do I recommend it?

10 thoughts on “Reebok ZigTech

  1. Virtual running group! Let’s!
    Just run up and down the stairs of your apartment building if you can’t find a running partner. Pwede na yun.


    1. hahahaha! sige virtual runnermate. what’s your sked so let’s meet up. haha. I hate stairs ate 😦 would you believe that whenever I run and then there’s stairs, I literally stop and walk (in full tamad mode) and then run again after. Haha.


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